About Elaine Innes

Elaine Innes BA Hons Fine Art – born in York situated in the north-east of England, where she now lives and works.

Elaine Innes

She has been involved in the creative arts all her life, in one form or another.  Her life’s story so far is a journey that has taken many twists and turns over the years.  She found herself involved in the rescue of some cats that were about to be left on the
streets.  This addition now made a family of five cats, who all had incredibly different and unique personalities.   This union of her pets and her creativity was now evolving and manifesting itself in the making of several pieces of art, and with an illustrative style and characterisation using soft pastel, charcoal and pen to communicate her ideas.  Often using humour to reach people, she has always been keen to express thoughts that she felt passionate about.  The narrative within each piece of work is as important as the beautiful vibrant colours she uses, and the touching of people’s lives when viewing her work, an integral part of what her style is about.